The Cost of Transmission Repair in Chicagoland: A Breakdown of Factors

When transmission trouble comes knocking, one of the first things you may wonder is how much it will cost. While you can’t know exactly what to budget for ahead of time, a few key factors determine the cost of any transmission service. Everything from the type of transmission your vehicle has to the expertise of your mechanic can have an impact. We’ll break down different factors for how much a transmission repair will cost and three possible services your vehicle may need.

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What Determines the Cost of Transmission Repairs?

How long have you noticed signs of transmission problems? What type of transmission does your car have? Are you visiting an expensive dealership or your local AAMCO in Chicagoland? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when figuring out how much your repairs may cost. Ultimately, being aware of these factors can help you minimize the financial impact of having a transmission repair done on your vehicle.

Do You Drive an Automatic or Manual Transmission?

Though automatic transmission vehicles are simpler to drive, manuals are often simpler to repair. This is because automatics rely on more components, including sensors and solenoids that are essential for helping facilitate gear shifts. This complexity makes diagnostics more difficult and can make repairs more time-consuming. On the other hand, the most common manual transmission repair is a clutch replacement. While this can be costly, it’s often less than many automatic transmission repairs.

The Extent of Damage to Your Transmission

As with any repair, the more extensive the damage becomes, the more it will cost. In automatic transmissions, what may start as a simple transmission fluid issue can easily grow into damaged gears, stuck solenoids, or overheating. The earlier you catch signs of a problem and have your vehicle inspected, the greater chance you have of avoiding the most expensive repairs. Transmission rebuilds or replacements only become necessary once extensive damage is done.

How Much Disassembly is Required

More disassembly means higher labor costs. A simple transmission fluid replacement service can be done quickly and easily because it doesn’t require disassembly of the system. On the other hand, worn gears or faulty solenoids are trickier to reach, meaning your mechanic will have to take apart the transmission just to get to them and replace damaged parts. A transmission fluid change will cost you much less than more complex repairs that require your mechanic to go deeper into the system.

The Expertise of Your Mechanic

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with the complexity and importance of your car’s transmission, you want an expert mechanic handling diagnostics and repairs. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose the highest-priced auto shop, it does mean you likely don’t want to go with the cheapest. Focus on reputation and expertise first, then work to fit your budget next.

What Do Different Transmission Repairs Cost?

The above factors not only impact the cost to repair your transmission, but also which repair service is recommended by your mechanic. In general, there are three main possibilities for services your vehicle may need if there’s a problem with the transmission. As they get more complex and labor-intensive, the price will go up.

Transmission Service or Repair

New transmission fluid or repairing a leak in the system is simpler to handle. These repairs and services will often be relatively inexpensive and you’ll be able to get your car back within a day. So long as only a couple of components are worn or damaged, your mechanic shouldn’t take long to diagnose which repairs are needed and take care of them. These should typically cost no more than $1,500 but often much less if transmission fluid is the only issue.

Transmission Rebuild

More extensive damage may mean your mechanic needs to fully disassemble the system in order to diagnose the cause(s) and repair it. During a transmission rebuild, the system is removed from your vehicle, disassembled, new parts are installed, and it’s re-installed. Not only is this labor-intensive, but also how effective repairs are depends on the expertise of your mechanic. Both of those factors will drive up the cost of this service.

Transmission Replacement

An alternative for extensive damage is a full transmission replacement. Typically, this will be suggested once it becomes cheaper than rebuilding the system. During this service, your old transmission will be removed and a remanufactured transmission installed in your vehicle. Where you save on labor, you’ll pay in the cost of parts, since you’re paying for an entire new system. However, remanufactured transmissions are built in a factory setting so you’ll have a good-as-new system.

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